Societé Réaliste (FR)

21.09 - 25.09.2015
French - German edition

A lecture by Ferenc Gróf, co-founder of a Parisian cooperative Société Réaliste who works with political design, experimental economy, territorial ergonomic and social engineering consulting.

Société Réaliste is an art collective founded by Ferenc Gróf (1972) and Jean-Baptiste Naudy (1982). Their work consists of appropriating and distorting the tools of communication of power structures (maps, emblems, signs, architectures). Société Réaliste creates symbolic and visual confrontations to critically examine such structures without resorting to easy denunciations. They operate in subtle comparisons, extrapolations, and statistic interpretations, shedding light on historical evolutions and trends and producing tools for reading the contemporary world. Société Réaliste's work has been shown in a number of exhibitions in France and around the world.

21.09 - 25.09.2015
Seminar and tutorials
23.09.2015 / 17:00 / Berlinka – SNG / Public lecture
Presentation of the oeuvre of the art-group

Open studio - French - German edition received the 2015 support from the Franco-German Cultural Fund and was implemented in cooperation with the French Institute and the Goethe Institute in Bratislava.