Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan (RO)

11.04 - 15.04.2016

Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan have been working collaboratively since 2011. They work deals directly with the issue of cultural difference, exploring the caustic imprints on the subjectivity of identity, history-writing and law-making. Their practice spans different media, cultural registers and disciplines to reflect on society as being a tissue of conventions that can and must be permanently re-imagined. They co-founded the Centre for Visual Introspection in Bucharest, where they generated a series of workshops, public art projects and publications.

11.04 - 15.04.2016
Workshop and tutorials
12.04.2016 / 17:00 / Berlinka – SNG / Public lecture
The World is Bound with Secret Knots / Presentation of the artistic duo

The project was supported by the Romanian cultural institute in Prague: